NOBODY’S FOOL – Soundtrack Review

NOBODY’S FOOL composed by Howard Show.


Whilst not having seem this 1994 Paul Newman film, my research found that it’s quite a cherished film. A movie where not much happens visually but a whole lot happens in what is said. A parred down, gentle film with excellent acting by 68 year old Paul Newman and sadly, the last movie of Jessica Tandy.

Newman plays the irascible Sully who, approaching retirement, has not really done a lot with his years and enjoys a quiet life in a small town. When his only son shows up Sully has to face up to long lost family responsibilities. Newman was praised highly for his performance in this movie and thankfully La La Records have just release a limited CD of Howard Shore’s delightful score full of Album Versions and Alternative Tracks.

The Main Title is emotional on a level of Sully having a bad childhood which robbed him of fulfilling his life, it’s sad but slightly hopeful and fun as there is a lilt to the score depicting Sully’s Celtic bloodline. The theme runs through most of the score with hints of Sully being re-engergised by the arrival of his grandson and bittersweet memories of his own childhood.

Cues of note [though you should just pop the CD on and relax with it] are Will at the Wheel, this is where Sully let’s his young grandson take the wheel of his truck, it’s joyful and melancholic all at the same time.

Toby’s Theme, Toby being Sully’s bosses young wife played by Melanie Griffith’s whom Sully flirts with.The music tells of Sully’s lost life and dreams.

This is a well deserved release to an understated, emotive score.

Main Title** 3:00
Rub Intro** 1:18
Sully Dreams 0:59
Sully’s Knee* 0:40
Hawaii (unused)/Thanksgiving** 1:29
Carl Asleep* (unused) 0:49
Will/Cozy Corner 1:31
Bowdin Street 1:27
We’d Be Like Bonnie and Clyde 1:16
Hattie Escapes 1:44
I’ll Buy You a Hamburger*/Peter*/Tonight Was Pretty…/I’m the Wrong Man* (unused) 2:57
Will at the Wheel 1:12
Sully 2:57
The Stopwatch* (film version) 1:27
Miss Beryl 1:24
Rub Quits** 2:34
The Ultimate Escape, Escapes/Hattie’s Funeral 3:13
You Are My Best Friend* (film version) 2:41
Toby’s Theme 3:06
The Wooden Leg* 1:19
Trifecta Ticket 0:55
The Note* 0:36
Would You Like a Cup of Tea? 2:56
End Credits** 3:54

Fool’s Triple 1:07
Tip Top Construction 1:33
Will at the Wheel 1:12
The Stopwatch 1:26
Thanksgiving 3:14
You Are My Best Friend 2:45

Sully Dreams* (alternate) 1:02
Bowdin Street* (alternate) 1:11
Hattie Escapes* (alternate) 0:54
Sully* (alternate ending) 2:38
The Stopwatch* (alternate) 0:36
Hattie’s Funeral* (alternate) 0:36
The Wooden Leg* (alternate) 1:12
Would You Like a Cup of Tea?* (alternate) 2:32


La La Land Label

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