No Escape – Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders


Bertrami and long term collaberator Buck Sanders [billed as the ‘musical experiementor’ – think scratchy, other world sounds on The Homesman soundtrack], have put together a solid soundtrack to the action/thriller movie No Escape where a family move to another country and find themselves in the centre of a political coup.
A sense of country is insinuated in the first track called The Presidents Toast, could it be his breakfast menu or is he seriously in danger? The latter we think when the tones of Eastern music pervade.
It’s mostly a series of short, atmospheric cues as is usually the case with action scores but here and there Sanders does his magic as in the track Coup Coup Roux, a knife-edge track which includes a sound of unknown origin! I couldn’t figure out what it was at all.
The score is a fusion of bass and percussion, ethnic hints and embellished with very weird sounds. I am a sucker for percussion so enjoyed Need A New Roof. Apart from it sounding like left over bits from Beltrami’s score to Snowpiecer, it has the slimmest of a musical thread running through it which holds it together giving the film plenty of intrigue.There is quite a bit of ‘sonic stretching’ together with short burst of what I can only call a distorted, antique banjo!

Not to be written off as a muddled action score, this has more than it’s fair share of worthwhile moments.

1. The President’s Toast (2:23)
2. No Escape (1:29)
3. Little Dreamer (1:07)
4. Jack Wakes (1:08)
5. Market Research (1:53)
6. Coup Coup Roux (2:10)
7. Jack Be Nimble (1:59)
8. Where’s Lucy (0:56)
9. Pool Cue (1:33)
10. Rooftop Refuge (1:15)
11. Need a New Roof (2:00)
12. Roof Toss (3:19)
13. Map Quest (2:35)
14. Atavistic Jack 5. The Bike Thief (1:38)
16. Embassy Issues (1:52)
17. Annie Surrenders (3:24)
18. Fighting For Annie (2:04)
19. Brothel Refuge (1:40)
20. Under the Stars (1:58)
21. 007812 (3:06)
22. Shall We Gather at the River (2:45)
23. Gunshy (2:10)
24. South of the Border (2:23)
25. Border Refuge (2:12)
26. The Story of Lucy (1:31)
27. Take Care Of You [song] (J. James) (3:39)
Released by Lakeshore Records

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