The Runner – The Newton Brothers Soundtrack Review

I like The Newton Brothers. Each score is different, I can’t yet hear a ‘Newton Brothers sound’ and I feel this is hugely important. Don’t get me wrong with regard to other composers, after all I am and always will be an obsessive John Barry fan and fell in love with his ‘sound’ many years ago. But with Andy Grush and Taylor Stewart [not really siblings] they seem to conjure up scores with no links to previous soundtracks or musical styles to anything else they have done and this is what I am fascinated about.
Take a listen to the rocking’ High School. The hypnotic Oculus and the coolness of Life of Crime to see what I mean. And now comes their latest score The Runner. 2435752-new

A score so still I have to use the word hypnotic again. The Runner is a Nicolas Cage vehicle telling of a flawed politician who, after a catastrophic BP oil spill which he champions, sees his own life come undone after a sex scandal.
This by far is the brothers most emotionally charged score and yet it’s not done with a huge symphonic orchestra and booming brass. It turns and reveals MOSTLY in the single, resonating string of a drobo guitar. A gentle, background piano. Sparse, haunting, and compelling. This is another notch in their growing catalogue.


1. The Oil Spill
2. Main Titles
3. NOLA Arrival
4. Mark Lavin
5. Questioning
6. 20/20
7. Caving In
8. Rayne Entering
9. The Resignation
10. Google
11. I’ll Do What I Can
12. The Grant
13. You Need Someone Like Me
14. The Barbecue
15. Father & Son
16. Divorce Papers
17. I Called a Cab
18. I’m Nothing Like You
19. It’s Just Not Working
20. Rayne Has Passed
21. Losing It
22. The Runner

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