Nope not a typo, first day back at work and luckily I am working at home meaning I get to listen to Soundtracks whilst working. As a member of the IMFCA we will shortly be starting our voting process for the Best Soundtracks of 2015 over several categories.

It’s exciting but it also means that we all have to be ‘up-to-date’ with Soundtracks listens and I have to tell you that 2015 seemed the busiest year ever in Soundtrack Land! I recently read that 50 films a month were released in the UK during last year, and it felt like it.

As much as I love films and film soundtracks this bothers me somewhat. It’s a question of quality … does the overflow mean that something has to give like the quality of a film? And as for scores there has been a fair bit of derivation [or …I have heard this before]. In the end though it does make the excellent scores stand out even more but my thoughts are that I would rather wait a bit longer to see a movie and hear it’s score if it’s going to be great than swim through hurried music which lap the shores.

As soon as I have done my voting with other IFMCA members I will publish my list here which should be in a few weeks time. Until then my ears are getting a full workout!listen-to-free-music-online-1167

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