Soundtrack by Rachel Portman – Pocket Review

Due to other ‘stuff’ which invades life, I am introducing my ‘pocket size’ soundtrack reviews for when I don’t have the time to write more. This way I don’t miss out a bunch soundtracks which deserve to be heard.

Starting with this exquisite score. Despite The Falling Snow directed by Sharim Sharif adapted from her 2004 book. Part spy, part love story starring Charles Dance, Rebecca Ferguson and Sam Reid. It flits between the early 60’s in cold war America when a young Sasha [Reid] meets his wife, and the early 90’s when an older Sasha [Dance] has a young niece who is keen to discover the truth about her family.

Portmans’ piano led score is sparse and the overall effect is one of utter heartbreak. The opening title track bears this heartbreak with dominant strings and eerie cello’s. In I have Instructions the strings spiral with tension. This is Portman at her best with her gift for  lightness of touch, the piano ripples through the soundtrack to great effect. Just a few chords portray great love and loss, intrigue and betrayal. I Was Blackmailed is the strongest track where a beautifully played cello lurks with tension.

This is not a score that you may listen to often [they are not all designed to be eternally in our playlists] but do not dismiss it. It is a very good score which leads me to ask – does Ms Portman ever do anything less than good? [No, would be the correct answer here].


1. Despite The Falling Snow
2. The Last Dinner
3. I Have Instructions
4. New York 1961
5. You Can Never Go Back
6. Misha In Action
7. The Drop Goes Wrong
8. Katya Remembers
9. Misha Goes To State Archive
10. It’s Time You Took Something
11. Katya betrays Sasha
12. I Won’t Ruin Him
13. The Wedding
14. Katya Betrays Sasha
15. It’s Treason Treason, Katya
16. Dimitri Was My Father
17. I Was Blackmailed
18. We’re On Our Own
19. Farewell At the Safe House
20. Misha Confessess
21. Misha Explains
22. Katya’s Letter

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