Filmic Radio Show Playlist February 2017


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The Trail/the Witcher3:Wild Hunt/Marcin Przybytowicz

The Middle of the World/Moonlight/ Nicholas Britell/

City of Stars/La La Land/Justin Hurwitz 

Training/The Magnificent Seven/Elmer Bernstein

Love Theme/Elmer Bernstein/Airplane

Memories & Train/Dustin O’Halloran & Volker Bertelmann/Lion

The Beach Reunion/Max Steiner/A Summer Place

The Starship Avalon [Main Theme]/Thomas Newman/Passengers

Overture – Lore/Takeshi Furukawa/The Last Guardian

Main Titles & Little Psycho/Anne Dudly/Elle

Easy Lovers/Pier Picciono/Camille 2000The Elephant Man Theme/John Morris/The Elephant Man

Instanbul Opening/Vangelis/Midnight Express

Bankentest/Four Against the Bench/Enis Rotthoff

Autopsy/Mica Levi/Jackie

Sully [Suite]/Christian Jacob & The Tierney Sutton Band & Clint Eastwood/Sully

Title Song/Johnny Mercer & Elmer Bernstein & Jack Jones/Love With The Proper Stranger

Swede’s Story & Riots/Alexandre Desplat/American Pastoral

Main Theme/Chris Tilton/Divide

No Seat Belts Required/Lorne Balfe/The Lego Batman Movie

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