NEW FILMIC SHOW October 2017

Sadly after 9 years with Radio Nowhere, the station that launched my Filmic movie music show, they have closed. I am so grateful to them, especially Christopher Laird, who let me run riot. It was a great ride.

So, after a few months off air I am back on Mixcloud. There is the link and the playlist..I’m always open to taking requests!!



Roland of Eld/Junkie XL/The Dark Tower
The Lost City of Z/Christopher Spellman/The Lost City of Z
Kincaid’s Gold/Atli Ovarsson/the Hitman’s Bodyguard
Archer’s Processional/George Bruns/Robin Hood
All’s Well That Ends Well/George Bruns/Robin Hood
Apples/Volker Bertelman/In Dubious Battle
The Streets & The Streets 2/Danny Elfmann/Tulip Fever
Vai Gorilla/Franco Bixio-Fabio Frizzi/Vince Tempera/Vai Gorilla
The Tale of Viktor Navorski/John Williams/The Terminal
The Navy Gets the Gravy But the Army Gets the Beans/Jerry Livingston & Mack David/At War With The Army
Nothing Out There/Ry Cooder/Nothing Out There
Victoria & Abdul, The Peacock Throne/Thomas Newman/Victoria & Abdul
Gibbon Take/Monkey To the City/Ain’t That A Stinger
Another Puzzle/Christpher Young/Hellraiser
He’s A Pirate/Hans Zimmer & Kalus Badelt/Pirates of the Carribean Dead Men tell No Tales



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