NEW FILMIC SHOW October 2017

Sadly after 9 years with Radio Nowhere, the station that launched my Filmic movie music show, they have closed. I am so grateful to them, especially Christopher Laird, who let me run riot. It was a great ride.

So, after a few months off air I am back on Mixcloud. There is the link and the playlist..I’m always open to taking requests!!



Roland of Eld/Junkie XL/The Dark Tower
The Lost City of Z/Christopher Spellman/The Lost City of Z
Kincaid’s Gold/Atli Ovarsson/the Hitman’s Bodyguard
Archer’s Processional/George Bruns/Robin Hood
All’s Well That Ends Well/George Bruns/Robin Hood
Apples/Volker Bertelman/In Dubious Battle
The Streets & The Streets 2/Danny Elfmann/Tulip Fever
Vai Gorilla/Franco Bixio-Fabio Frizzi/Vince Tempera/Vai Gorilla
The Tale of Viktor Navorski/John Williams/The Terminal
The Navy Gets the Gravy But the Army Gets the Beans/Jerry Livingston & Mack David/At War With The Army
Nothing Out There/Ry Cooder/Nothing Out There
Victoria & Abdul, The Peacock Throne/Thomas Newman/Victoria & Abdul
Gibbon Take/Monkey To the City/Ain’t That A Stinger
Another Puzzle/Christpher Young/Hellraiser
He’s A Pirate/Hans Zimmer & Kalus Badelt/Pirates of the Carribean Dead Men tell No Tales



Filmic Radio Show Playlist February 2017


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The Trail/the Witcher3:Wild Hunt/Marcin Przybytowicz

The Middle of the World/Moonlight/ Nicholas Britell/

City of Stars/La La Land/Justin Hurwitz 

Training/The Magnificent Seven/Elmer Bernstein

Love Theme/Elmer Bernstein/Airplane

Memories & Train/Dustin O’Halloran & Volker Bertelmann/Lion

The Beach Reunion/Max Steiner/A Summer Place

The Starship Avalon [Main Theme]/Thomas Newman/Passengers

Overture – Lore/Takeshi Furukawa/The Last Guardian

Main Titles & Little Psycho/Anne Dudly/Elle

Easy Lovers/Pier Picciono/Camille 2000The Elephant Man Theme/John Morris/The Elephant Man

Instanbul Opening/Vangelis/Midnight Express

Bankentest/Four Against the Bench/Enis Rotthoff

Autopsy/Mica Levi/Jackie

Sully [Suite]/Christian Jacob & The Tierney Sutton Band & Clint Eastwood/Sully

Title Song/Johnny Mercer & Elmer Bernstein & Jack Jones/Love With The Proper Stranger

Swede’s Story & Riots/Alexandre Desplat/American Pastoral

Main Theme/Chris Tilton/Divide

No Seat Belts Required/Lorne Balfe/The Lego Batman Movie

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Goosebumps/Danny Elfman/Goosebumps
Let the Children Play/Nascuy Linares/Embrace The Serpment
Mounatin Lion Blue/Nick Cave & Warren Ellis/Hell and High Water
El Olivo Part 5/Pascal Gaigne/El Olivo
The Sand Volcano/Jerry Goldsmith/The Mummy
Bullet/Rober Kudare/Made In France
Bellerofonte Main Theme/Alexander Cimini/Dar Waves
Chaos and Confusion/Edy Lan/The Similars
Title Theme & Projecting Dreams/Mike Higham & Matthew Margeson/Miss Peregines Home For PeculiarChildren
La Via Della Drago Pt 3/Goblin/La Via Della Droga
Das Boot/Klaus Doldinger/Das Boot
End Titles/Rachel Portman/Still Life
One Condition/Guy Farley/Modigliani
Storytime & Kubo Goes To Town/Dario Marianelli/Kubo and the Two Strings
Inside The Mirror Dimension/Michael Giachinno/Dr Strange
Something Not Right/Danny Elfman/The Girl on the Train
Main Title & She Creatire Departs/Ronald Sten/The She Creature
Tren de Invierno 1985/Alberto inglasias/Julieta
Boobie Trap/Gregory James Jenkins/The Final Girls

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Filmic February Playlist



Also available on Mixcloud & iTunes

Maximum Effort/Junkie XL/Deadpool
Eighty Words A Minute/Theodore Shapiro/Trumbo
Ego Vivo/Jack Wall/Call of Duty Black Ops 3
Dai Bread Turkish & Tango Pugh/Under Milk Wood/Mark Thomas
Main Title & Prelude/Roman Holiday/Georges Auric
Morza Motorsport/Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nileson/Forza Motordport 6
Auf Wiedersehen Mr Hitler & The Platoon Jungle/Charlie Mole/Dad’s Army
Prologue/Steve Willaert/Kidnap-Bo’s Most Exciting Holiday Ever
Ascension/Angelo Badalamenti & Lasse Martinussen/Gold Coast
The Flower Girl/Charles Chaplin/City Lights
Dirty Weekend/Joel Goodman/Dirty Weekend
Lewis Ranieri & Vegas & Gully/Nicholas Britell/The Big Short
Final Salute/Rachel Portman/Hart’s War
Ellis Starts Work/Michael Broook/Brooklyn
That Next Place/Thomas Newman/Meet Joes Black

Am always open to playing Requests!

Filmic Playlist – January 2016

Listen here to my first show of the new year: Filmic January 2016
Also available on Mixcloud and iTunes


Essex Leaving Harbour/Roque Banos/In The Heart of the Sea

Snoke/John Williams//StarWars: The Force Awakens

Out of Horse/Ryuichi Sakamoto/The Revenant

 The 12 Mile Reef/Bernard Herrmman/Beaneath The 12 Mile Reef

Rearranging the Furniture/Gabriel Jared/By the Sea/

Narratore Letterario/Ennio Morricone/The Hateful Eight

Skin Fever/Philip Green/All Night Long

Putting Out The Fire/Giorgio Moroder/David Bowie/Cat People

Gone Day/Stephen Rennicks/Room

Rocky Is Sick/Lodwick Goransson/Creed

Ziarno Prawdy/Abel Korzeniowski/Ziarno Prawdy

The Danish Girl//Alexandre DesplatThe Danish Girl

Main Title/Tom Scott/Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Sunday In New York//Peter NeroSunday In New York

Opening/Timo Chen/Advantageous

Car Chase/Night Chase//John BarryBeat Girl

Delaney’s Arrival and Memories/Michel Legrand/Le Mans

Ballata Per Un Pistolero/Roberto Pregadio/Forgotten Pistolero

Snape and the Unbreakable Vow/Nicholas Hooper/Harry Potter & the Half Blood

Prince Overture & Prisoner of the Crusades/Michael Kamen/Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


Last show of last year which includes some ‘Best Scores of the Year’
Available via the Radio Nowhere website or here on mixcloud: … ember2015/

It’s A Hell Of A Chase/Michael Giacchino/Jupiter Ascending
Arriving At The Temple/Dario Marinanelli/Everest
Twisted Nerve – Title Track/Bernard Hermmann/Twisted Nerve
Hall of Trade Unions – Moscow/Thomas Newman/ Bridge of Spies
Rain/Thomas Newman/Bridge of Spies
Christmas Story Doris Day/P Walsh/Moonlight Bay
Theme To Puppet On A Chain/Piero Piccioni/Puppet On a Chain
The Prophet/Gabriel Jared/The Prophet
The Egg Godfather/Zacarius M De La Riva/Gallo Con Muchas Huevos
Melancholia/Johann Johannsson /Sicario
Operation Christmas/Harry Gregson Williams/Arthur Christmas
Before It’s Too Late/Piero Piccioni/From The Orient With Fury
Dartmoor 1912/John Williams/War Horse
Return To the Wild/James Hormer/Wolf Totem
Mission Rome/Daniel Pemberton/The Man From Uncle
Main Tile – Texas Adios/Anton Garcia Abril/Don Powell/Texas Adios
The Shadow Chase/Michael Giacchino/Jupiter Ascending
The Trouble With Angels – Main Title/Jerry Goldsmith The/Trouble With Angels
Opening/Craig Armstrong/Far From The Madding Crowd
The Jedi Steps and the Finale/John Williams/Star Wars: The Force Awakens

MPW-47734Here is the link to August’s radio show [even though it does say September!].
Also available as an iTunes podcast.

Theme from Ant-Man /Christophe Beck/Ant-Man
Take A Chance-Man Title/Luis Bacalov/Rebus
Les Choristes/Bruno Coulais/Les Choristes
First Day of School/Michael Giacchino/Inside Out
Audience With The Prime Minister/Joe Kraemer/Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation
Accident/Johnny Dankworth/Accident
Carry me Home/Joseph Trapanese & Sohn/Insurgent
Escape From the Planet of the Apes-Main Title/Jerry Goldsmith/Escape From The Planet of the Apes
Shopping Spree/Jerry Goldsmith/Escape From The Planet of the Apes
The Wedding/James Newton Howard/Restoration
Soloman Lane/Joe Kraemer/Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation
His Name Is Napolean Solo/Daniel Pemberton/The Man From Uncle
Coming Up Roses/Danielle Brisebois/Glen Hansard&Keira Knightly/Begin Again
Arirport Main Title/Arthur Newman /Airport
On the Beach/Christophe Heral/Eleanor’s Secret
Breaking In [Searching The Factory]/Daniel Pemberton/The Man From Uncle
Centipede/Henry Jackman/Pixels
Tower Heist – Main Theme/Christophe Beck/Tower Hesit
New York/Alfred Newman/How To Marry A Millionaire

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