Filmic October 2018



Top of the Mountain Atli Ovarsson Ploey You never Fly Alone
Finding Mom Erik Friedlander The Thoroughbreds
Cappadocia AD50 Stephen MacKeon Pilgrimage
Diamond Head Hugo Winterhalter/James Darren Diamond Head
Operation Finale Alexandre Desplat Operation Finale
Mana One Harry Gregson-Williams The Meg
A New World Harry Gregson-Williams The Meg
Anonimo Veneziamo Stelvio Cipriani Anonimo Veneziamo
Ecologia Dell Delitto Stelvio Cipriani Ecologia Dell Delitto
The Great Pyramids [Overworld] Gareth Coker Minecraft: Egyptian Mythology
Stay With Me Melodie and 12 O’Clock Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai
Ploey Overture Atli Ovarsson Ploey You never Fly Alone
The Chase Lalo Schifin Cool Hand Luke
Rainy Nights In London Brian Tyler Crazy Rich Asians
Do A Thing Herbie Hancock Death Wish
Paint Her Mouth Herbie Hancock Death Wish
Party People Herbie Hancock Death Wish
Media Takeout Ludwig Goransson Death Wish
Jordan Ludwig Goransson Death Wish
Reader’s Theme Benjamin Wallfisch King of Thieves
The Scheme Benjamin Wallfisch King of Thieves
Train Escape Benjamin Wallfisch King of Thieves
Text Ting Swing Brian Tyler Crazy Rich Asians



Glad to be back after a short gap. This show offers tracks from current film releases and video game soundtracks together with vintage movie music including a superb Eric Darmasan title track from the 70’s –  click below to listen>

The Titans In Training/Fil Eisler/The Titan
Shinto Shrine/Alexandre Desplat/Isle Of Dogs
Synthetic Core 88 Awakens [Cybernetic Jungle]/Equip/None
Meet Han/John Powell/Solo A Star Wars Story
The March of the Siamese Children/Rodgers & Hammerstein/The King And I
Diamonds and Magnets/Daniel Pemberton/Oceans 8
Diamonds Are Forever/John Barry/Don Black/Diamonds Are Forever
Fallout Lorne Balfe/Mission Impossible/Fallout
Steps Ahead/Lorne Balfe/Mission Impossible Fallout
A Tony Perspective/Michael Giachinno/The Incredible 2
A Matter Of Perception/Michael Giachinno/The Incredibles 2
Le Cercle Rouge/Eric Darmarsan/Le Cercle Rouge
The Talmberg Theme/Jan Valta & Adam Sporka/Kingdom Come: Deliverance
The River Sasau Theme/Jan Valta & Adam Sporka/Kingdom Come: Deliverance
I Can’t Go Back/Debbie Wiseman/Eddie
Begint U Nou Maar Eens Bij Het Begin/Merlijn Snitker/Bankier Van Het Verzet
Een Knoop van 30 Miljoen/Merlijn Snitker/Bankier Van Het Verzet
Mary Shelley/Amelia Warner/Mary Shelley
Mary’s Decision Amelia Warner Mary Shelley
Into The Woods/Dan Jones/On Chesil Beach
Walk From Henley/Dan Jones/On Chesil Beach
The Heart Asks Pleasure First/Michael Nyman/The Paino
Marauders Arrive/John Powell/Solo A Star Wars Story




Bear McCreary Overture The Cloverfield Paradox
Cliff Martinez Isn’t That Your Neighbour Game Night
Pascal Gaigne En Marcha Handia
Gabriel Yared Rearranging The Furniture By The Sea
Daniel Pemberton The Russians Molly’s Game
Herschel Burke Gilbert Main Title The Moon Is Blue The Moon Is Blue
Harry Gregson-Williams Dug’s Theme Early Man
Pascal Gaigne Plan De Fuga Plan de Fuga
Pascal Gaigne Tenua Un Amigo En Casa Plan de Fuga
Ludwig Goransson Wakanda Origins Back Panther
Ludwig Goransson Kilmonger Back Panther
Cliff Martinez Bastien Game Night
Carter Burwell Mildred Goes To War Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Carter Burwell My Dear Anne Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Georges Bizet Dat’s Love-Habanera Carmen Jones
Joe Paesano An Old Friend The Maze Runner: Death Cure
Hannes De Maeyer Miserere Mei Gangsta
Tom HolkenBorg Return To Manor Croft Tomb Raider
Johann Johannsson The Mercy The Mercy














Late 2017 Soundtrack Releases – January 2017

It’s been a while since I have posted anything so it’s about time I got may act together.

Here is the link for January’s episode of Filmic which features late scores released in 2017. They may have been released late or I didn’t get a chance to listen as soon as they were released. It’s makes for a quite an ecletic mix. Don’t look at the track listings if you don’t want to know what’s coming up. Oh, and belated Happy New Year!

Filmic Late 2018 Scores Playlist [Track Composer Film Label

Into The Jungle Henry Jackman Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Sony
From The Air Mario Darianelli Darkest Hour Deutsche Grammophon
Lefty’s Theme H Scott Salinas The Ballad of Lefty Brown Lakeshore Records
Gunfight At The Goldmill H Scott Salinas The Ballad of Lefty Brown Lakeshore Records
The Waltz of the Newspapers Daniel Pemberton All The Money In The World Sony
All The Money in the World [1973] Daniel Pemberton All The Money In The World Sony
Orient Express Suite Patrick Doyle Murder on the Orient Express Sony
Mikrofilm Herman Christoffersen Kings Bay
Björnar Johnsen
Beauty and the Dogs Armine Buhafa La Belle et la Meute 22D Music
The Meyerowirtz Stories Randy Newman Harolds Theme Lakeshore Records
The Meyerowirtz Stories Randy Newman Kill the Car Lakeshore Records
The Meyerowirtz Stories Randy Newman Talk To The Doctor Lakeshore Records
There Is Your Island Victor Reyes Cold Skin Quartet Records
Budapest Noir Theme Atti Pacsay Budapest Noir Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Welcome To Surburbicon Alexandre Desplat Welcome To Surburbicon ABKO Music & records
Tears In the Rain Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch Blade Runner 2049 Sony
Shards of an Empire Austin Wintory Absolver 65b Records
Holly Palmers Kiss Cris Valesco The Invisible Hours Tequila Works
The Oak Room 1971 John Williams The Post Sony
Setting The Type John Williams The Post Sony
As Fire Burns Through Wood Nigel Westlake Ali’s Wedding Matchbox Pictures
A Lie Begins In the Soul Nigel Westlake Ali’s Wedding Matchbox Pictures

NEW FILMIC SHOW October 2017

Sadly after 9 years with Radio Nowhere, the station that launched my Filmic movie music show, they have closed. I am so grateful to them, especially Christopher Laird, who let me run riot. It was a great ride.

So, after a few months off air I am back on Mixcloud. There is the link and the playlist..I’m always open to taking requests!!



Roland of Eld/Junkie XL/The Dark Tower
The Lost City of Z/Christopher Spellman/The Lost City of Z
Kincaid’s Gold/Atli Ovarsson/the Hitman’s Bodyguard
Archer’s Processional/George Bruns/Robin Hood
All’s Well That Ends Well/George Bruns/Robin Hood
Apples/Volker Bertelman/In Dubious Battle
The Streets & The Streets 2/Danny Elfmann/Tulip Fever
Vai Gorilla/Franco Bixio-Fabio Frizzi/Vince Tempera/Vai Gorilla
The Tale of Viktor Navorski/John Williams/The Terminal
The Navy Gets the Gravy But the Army Gets the Beans/Jerry Livingston & Mack David/At War With The Army
Nothing Out There/Ry Cooder/Nothing Out There
Victoria & Abdul, The Peacock Throne/Thomas Newman/Victoria & Abdul
Gibbon Take/Monkey To the City/Ain’t That A Stinger
Another Puzzle/Christpher Young/Hellraiser
He’s A Pirate/Hans Zimmer & Kalus Badelt/Pirates of the Carribean Dead Men tell No Tales



Filmic Radio Show Playlist February 2017


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Also available on iTunes

The Trail/the Witcher3:Wild Hunt/Marcin Przybytowicz

The Middle of the World/Moonlight/ Nicholas Britell/

City of Stars/La La Land/Justin Hurwitz 

Training/The Magnificent Seven/Elmer Bernstein

Love Theme/Elmer Bernstein/Airplane

Memories & Train/Dustin O’Halloran & Volker Bertelmann/Lion

The Beach Reunion/Max Steiner/A Summer Place

The Starship Avalon [Main Theme]/Thomas Newman/Passengers

Overture – Lore/Takeshi Furukawa/The Last Guardian

Main Titles & Little Psycho/Anne Dudly/Elle

Easy Lovers/Pier Picciono/Camille 2000The Elephant Man Theme/John Morris/The Elephant Man

Instanbul Opening/Vangelis/Midnight Express

Bankentest/Four Against the Bench/Enis Rotthoff

Autopsy/Mica Levi/Jackie

Sully [Suite]/Christian Jacob & The Tierney Sutton Band & Clint Eastwood/Sully

Title Song/Johnny Mercer & Elmer Bernstein & Jack Jones/Love With The Proper Stranger

Swede’s Story & Riots/Alexandre Desplat/American Pastoral

Main Theme/Chris Tilton/Divide

No Seat Belts Required/Lorne Balfe/The Lego Batman Movie

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Goosebumps/Danny Elfman/Goosebumps
Let the Children Play/Nascuy Linares/Embrace The Serpment
Mounatin Lion Blue/Nick Cave & Warren Ellis/Hell and High Water
El Olivo Part 5/Pascal Gaigne/El Olivo
The Sand Volcano/Jerry Goldsmith/The Mummy
Bullet/Rober Kudare/Made In France
Bellerofonte Main Theme/Alexander Cimini/Dar Waves
Chaos and Confusion/Edy Lan/The Similars
Title Theme & Projecting Dreams/Mike Higham & Matthew Margeson/Miss Peregines Home For PeculiarChildren
La Via Della Drago Pt 3/Goblin/La Via Della Droga
Das Boot/Klaus Doldinger/Das Boot
End Titles/Rachel Portman/Still Life
One Condition/Guy Farley/Modigliani
Storytime & Kubo Goes To Town/Dario Marianelli/Kubo and the Two Strings
Inside The Mirror Dimension/Michael Giachinno/Dr Strange
Something Not Right/Danny Elfman/The Girl on the Train
Main Title & She Creatire Departs/Ronald Sten/The She Creature
Tren de Invierno 1985/Alberto inglasias/Julieta
Boobie Trap/Gregory James Jenkins/The Final Girls

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Filmic February Playlist



Also available on Mixcloud & iTunes

Maximum Effort/Junkie XL/Deadpool
Eighty Words A Minute/Theodore Shapiro/Trumbo
Ego Vivo/Jack Wall/Call of Duty Black Ops 3
Dai Bread Turkish & Tango Pugh/Under Milk Wood/Mark Thomas
Main Title & Prelude/Roman Holiday/Georges Auric
Morza Motorsport/Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nileson/Forza Motordport 6
Auf Wiedersehen Mr Hitler & The Platoon Jungle/Charlie Mole/Dad’s Army
Prologue/Steve Willaert/Kidnap-Bo’s Most Exciting Holiday Ever
Ascension/Angelo Badalamenti & Lasse Martinussen/Gold Coast
The Flower Girl/Charles Chaplin/City Lights
Dirty Weekend/Joel Goodman/Dirty Weekend
Lewis Ranieri & Vegas & Gully/Nicholas Britell/The Big Short
Final Salute/Rachel Portman/Hart’s War
Ellis Starts Work/Michael Broook/Brooklyn
That Next Place/Thomas Newman/Meet Joes Black

Am always open to playing Requests!

Filmic Playlist – January 2016

Listen here to my first show of the new year: Filmic January 2016
Also available on Mixcloud and iTunes


Essex Leaving Harbour/Roque Banos/In The Heart of the Sea

Snoke/John Williams//StarWars: The Force Awakens

Out of Horse/Ryuichi Sakamoto/The Revenant

 The 12 Mile Reef/Bernard Herrmman/Beaneath The 12 Mile Reef

Rearranging the Furniture/Gabriel Jared/By the Sea/

Narratore Letterario/Ennio Morricone/The Hateful Eight

Skin Fever/Philip Green/All Night Long

Putting Out The Fire/Giorgio Moroder/David Bowie/Cat People

Gone Day/Stephen Rennicks/Room

Rocky Is Sick/Lodwick Goransson/Creed

Ziarno Prawdy/Abel Korzeniowski/Ziarno Prawdy

The Danish Girl//Alexandre DesplatThe Danish Girl

Main Title/Tom Scott/Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Sunday In New York//Peter NeroSunday In New York

Opening/Timo Chen/Advantageous

Car Chase/Night Chase//John BarryBeat Girl

Delaney’s Arrival and Memories/Michel Legrand/Le Mans

Ballata Per Un Pistolero/Roberto Pregadio/Forgotten Pistolero

Snape and the Unbreakable Vow/Nicholas Hooper/Harry Potter & the Half Blood

Prince Overture & Prisoner of the Crusades/Michael Kamen/Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


Last show of last year which includes some ‘Best Scores of the Year’
Available via the Radio Nowhere website or here on mixcloud: … ember2015/

It’s A Hell Of A Chase/Michael Giacchino/Jupiter Ascending
Arriving At The Temple/Dario Marinanelli/Everest
Twisted Nerve – Title Track/Bernard Hermmann/Twisted Nerve
Hall of Trade Unions – Moscow/Thomas Newman/ Bridge of Spies
Rain/Thomas Newman/Bridge of Spies
Christmas Story Doris Day/P Walsh/Moonlight Bay
Theme To Puppet On A Chain/Piero Piccioni/Puppet On a Chain
The Prophet/Gabriel Jared/The Prophet
The Egg Godfather/Zacarius M De La Riva/Gallo Con Muchas Huevos
Melancholia/Johann Johannsson /Sicario
Operation Christmas/Harry Gregson Williams/Arthur Christmas
Before It’s Too Late/Piero Piccioni/From The Orient With Fury
Dartmoor 1912/John Williams/War Horse
Return To the Wild/James Hormer/Wolf Totem
Mission Rome/Daniel Pemberton/The Man From Uncle
Main Tile – Texas Adios/Anton Garcia Abril/Don Powell/Texas Adios
The Shadow Chase/Michael Giacchino/Jupiter Ascending
The Trouble With Angels – Main Title/Jerry Goldsmith The/Trouble With Angels
Opening/Craig Armstrong/Far From The Madding Crowd
The Jedi Steps and the Finale/John Williams/Star Wars: The Force Awakens