A different perspecitive on soundtracks – artwork. To be honest if I want the music to a particular soundtrack then I will buy it regardless of it’s cover but it’s always an extra when the artwork appeals. So, in no particular order…

VIVARIUM as befits this comedy/horror where a family are trapped in a labyrinth-like neighborhood, this artwork is spacially unsettling, the forward tilt in particular is nightmarish.
DA 5 BLOODS shows an explosion of colour literally splattered around relating the chaos and horror of war. It’s a cover that you linger on taking in the colours, torn flag and faces.
GHOST OF TSUSHIMA a study in 3 colours, the striking pose and weapons tell you all you need to know.
AM AMERICAN PICKLE so cleverly rendered as an old photograph with an almost unrecognisable Seth Rogen.
DEVS A haunting image to a haunting soundtrack & TV series, the first glance of this huge sculpture is mesmerising.
BAD HAIR Simple but you have to work at this one to get a perspective. The red is the final clue!
FANNY LYE DEILVER’D If I was choosing a favourite this would probably be it, the sparseness, the brilliant typeface. But mostly it’s the stance of the character that draws you in.
MANK – and in my opinion the very worst cover of the 2020 – the cover to Mank! Upon my first view of this cover I had to look at it for a while to try and make some order of it!! The outer blurred images seem unecessary and the positions of the inner images seem manic. All in all – strange but to soften the blow I do love the actual soundtrack!