Sicario – Johan Johannsson

Don’t listen to the first 2 tracks whilst in the house on your own in the dark – they are doom-laden to excess with dark rhythms full of ‘end of the world’ moments. This is not a negative, it’s just a tad difficult to review this brilliant ‘sound pallete’ of Johannsson’s outside of seeing it set to this powerful film.
It’s an intense score with the most sad cue I have heard this year so far called Desert Music full of aching cello’s. Target was mesmerising, it has a concentration to it with just a sonic, continuous bass punctuated with heavy laden [dare I say it again] doom with a somewhat spidery edge.
In the midst of these brutal tracks comes the poignant Melancholia – an acoustic guitar piece which you cannot fail to be moved by. This score is stripped down to raw emotion and it’s not a soundtrack you would probably listen to again but it demands to be heard.


1. Armoured Vehicle
2. The Beast
3. The Border
4. Drywall
5. Explosion
6. Desert Music
7. Target
8. Convoy
9. The Bank
10. Surveillance
11. Reflection
12. Melancholia
13. Night Vision
14. Tunnel Music
15. Fausto
16. Balcony
17. Soccer Game
18. Alejandro’s Song

Label: Import